South Dublin Chamber - the leading business representative body serving the business community in South Dublin County since 1984

The goal of our lobbying and representation is to ensure our members have the best business environment to work in. We also work with members on issues that are industry specific.  Through working as a business community we are more effective and can achieve more for all members. We have an unrivalled record of helping member companies in their dealings with local authorities and state agencies. We are the only non state-funded body involved in the implementation of the economic section of the South Dublin County Development Plan.

We lobby national and local Government and agencies. Locally our issues include rates, water supply and costs, roads, waste and security. We work as part of a Chamber network representing the largest number of businesses inIreland. We do this through Chambers Ireland. The issues we work on nationally include Job Creation, Croke Park Agreement and beyond, local Government Reform National Development Plan and Infrastructure, support for business and financing of business.

As the voice of the business community in South Dublin County, we continue to press ahead with our lobbying and representation campaign highlighting issues affecting members. As a Chamber member we welcome your views on issues and we need your support in formulating policy and challenging for change those we need to influence.

If you would like to join the Chambers Policy Sub-Committee please contact Mary at  if you have an issue that you feel affects business please let us know.