South Dublin Chamber - the leading business representative body serving the business community in South Dublin County since 1984

Many thank for yesterday’s Budget Briefing – Excellent!

And for the lovely lunch and good company. A well worthwhile and pleasant use of time.

Eithne Boyan, Lundbeck Ireland

Link Design are proud to use the South Dublin Chamber Logo on our email signatures as it signifies we are a member of an established vibrant business organization.
Recently the use of the logo gave us credibility when I wrote to an Officer from the British Embassy regarding a visiting UK Trade Delegation. She wrote: “I note you’re in South Dublin Chamber, we’ve worked very closely with Peter Byrne and Ursula Kennedy over the last couple of years”.

From this we were then invited to a drinks reception and dinner they are hosting for delegates and a range of industry professionals later this month.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Owner of Link Design Studios

Networking through South Dublin Chamber events has been vital for me in the challenging times. Structured networking does make a difference and being in the presence of like minded businesses is motivating and does bring results. The B2B network has structured networking that works but you need to work at networking by attending meetings, presenting yourself in a clear way and importantly following up on promises made at the nertworking event!

Marc Thornton, Owner of DTA Marketing

A fantastic resource for any business at any level. The support structure in the B2B is top class and invigorates and inspires new ideas and new thought process' constantly. Networking is a valuable way to improve your business in itself but when that same networking system encourages and helps you evolve and self assess how you do business it becomes an invaluable commodity.

Matthew O Brien, Sales Executive at eDuce Ireland Ltd

Every newspaper and business related article we read at the moment recommends Networking as one of the most important ways to improve and grow your business. In SD Chamber we have this resource right under our nose as part of your membership and for me it has proved invaluable over the last 2 years. Our B2B groups provide so much more than just Networking, we have a very supportive group and an extensive pool of expertise to call on for and from all our members.

Sherri Brennan, Owner of Skip Trans Waste Services

The South Dublin Chamber B2B groups have been an invaluable tool in helping to grow my business since we first set up in February. As well as the work that networking generates, the support system from the chamber is invaluable.Most of all though the sheer quality of people who are running their own businesses who use the B2B's means you have people who are not just helping grow their own business but helping you grow yours too. That to me is fantastic.

Garrett Nolan, Owner at Trendset Design & Decor