South Dublin Chamber - the leading business representative body serving the business community in South Dublin County since 1984

1. For the business person networking:
  • Develops and builds relationships
  • Gains knowledge
  • Can provide a competitive advantage
  • Increases a brand awareness
  • Promotes your image
2. How do you get the most from networking?
  • Come prepared
  • Business cards
  • Clear short introduction on the company and your role
  • Listen to other people
  • Don’t only talk to people you know
  • Have a clear focus
  • Follow-up on contacts after the event
3. Effective networking:
  • Start with people with whom you are most comfortable
  • Develop relationships, find things in common
  • Keep a database of contacts, set goals and measure results
  • Act like a host, not like a guest
  • Be opportunistic: every interaction is a networking   opportunity
  • Follow up regularly
  • Continuously build new relationship and maintain the ones you have
  • Pick referral sources that are useful to your business
  • Ask for feedback on your networking skills
4. Making networking work
  • Get involved: participate in organisations, events, professional groups
  • Never waste someone’s time
  • Have something of value to contribute or share
  • The primary objective of networking should be gain and understanding of others’ business needs and sharing yours
  • Do not inappropriately use membership lists
  • Do not rush into business relationships
  • Make sure your business connections run both ways
  • Learn the culture of the group
  • Debrief
  • Follow-up
5. Things to avoid
  • Drinking too much
  • Humour that may be out of place
  • Settling in at the buffet for the free food
  • Monopolizing one person
  • The wrong clothing
  • Smoking
  • Moving on too quickly if people seem not important enough
  • Being too loud
  • Complaining
  • Not following through after an event
6. Barriers to effective networking
  • Confusing business networking with personal friendship
  • Not wanting to talk to strangers
  • Waiting too long before contacting
  • Waiting till you are introduced by others
  • Fear of rejection
7. Chamber networking Events
  • 5 B2B Networks
  • Breakfast Briefings
  • Dont Lunch Alone
  • Seminars / Training
  • Christmas Lunch
8. The Chamber’s role in helping you to network:
  • Provide opportunity and added value
  • Be innovative and creative
  • Be strategic – ensure suitable groupings and develop appropriate partnerships
  • Facilitate, stimulate, inspire, entertain
  • Coach/mentor – provide training
  • Be innovative
  • Find out what members want/need
  • Provide a range of events – something for everyone
  • Sell the benefits of each event clearly
  • Get member feedback on the success of the events