Our members share with each other the strategies and problem-solving methods that worked for them and helped them grow their businesses, this sharing of insights and knowledge is very valuable to start-up businesses. Each sector in the chamber has valuable insight and through this sharing, we ensure that insight is shared for the benefit of all. Our wider membership can also help connect Not for Profit organisations to suppliers, distributors and specialist services such as legal and accounting.

Whilst Not for Profit organisations have their own unique challenges many of the challenges faced are shared by our wider membership base such as resources and retaining good staff. Our chamber is here to help you navigate this journey. Not for Profits cover all sections of business so too does the chamber’s services to this sector of our wider community, including staff development, networking and business advice and assistance, we look forward to welcoming you to our businesses community.

Growing our Local Economy

Our Not for Profit members provide valuable services and products to our wider community and in some case provide pathways for those seeking employment in so doing they contribute strongly to our local economic growth and development. This section of our membership provides local employment for a wide range of skills and abilities. They also offer new opportunities for services and suppliers to work with them. Through our Not for Profit members, new connections are made with the community empowering our wider business community and in turn contributing to our local economic growth.

Through their Chamber membership they connect with other Not for Profit organisations and our wider membership. They receive the Chamber’s support in ensuring their voice is heard relating to supports for Non Profit Organisations, fair taxation, service charges and other issues affecting this sector. As part of the Chamber, your organisation will grow and so will the local economy.

Being a part of our Community

Our Not for profit members are at the core of our community. They provide vital services and connect businesses to the wider community. The services provided and the support given by Not for profit Organisations is an essential element in community development and support that is recognised by the Chamber.

Our Not for profit members provide the opportunity to connect too many of the voluntary groups, schools and community organisations in our county. We highlight the important contribution made by our Not for Profit members and how this is essential for a strong community. Not for Profit staff speaking to students can be a powerful tool in encouraging those students to see if they too can contribute to our community. Through your membership of the Chamber, your Not-for-Profit will be further supporting our local community to grow and develop.

We further support our Not-for-Profit Members through:

  • Educational Seminars are a good way to keep your knowledge base up to date. Our seminars cover all the key topics of interest and normally last half a day. Some of the subjects covered include HR, Mediation, Running a successful organisation, Taxation and Leadership.
  •  Training, the majority of which is subsidised, our training is informed by our members so please let us know what you need and we will see how best we can accommodate you. Please see the training section on this website for more information.
  • Business Sustainability Programme, This is a programme we run in partnership with South Dublin County Council and South Dublin LEO. It offers all Start Ups and SMEs in the county the opportunity to have a meeting with the programme executive Cliodhna O’Byrne on issues of concern or interest regarding their business development.
  • Chamber Business to Business Network; the Chamber runs a specific network for SMEs including Not for Profit Organisations which is all part of your membership. Our Business to Business Network hosts 75 meetings in Tallaght and Lucan each year meeting bi-weekly on the website you will see the dates and venues. The purpose of our Business to Business is too help you grow and develop your business with the help and support of other like-minded business people